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It’s officially been 8 months since I first launched Buy The Way, LLC and I’ve been having a BLAST! Just like any business, there’s been ups and downs, but I’m learning and growing at a rapid pace. Surprisingly I’ve also been able to hone in on my photography and graphic design skills which I’ve really been craving post-college - check out our Instagram! It’s been a lot of fun building out the company’s brand. As much as I hope to get my MBA in the next few years, this definitely feels like the best intro course I could have asked for.

That brings me to what I’m currently MOST excited about….
The launch of my second product *drum roll please*

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BTW’s Flipware Utensil is officially available now on Amazon! Please please please be sure to leave us a review and let us know what you think!

I really want to encourage EVERYONE to switch to reusable utensils in their daily lives, especially in situations where it might seem easier to just use plastic. BTW Flipware is essentially the swiss army knife of utensils and our mission with this product is to reduce the use of plastic cutlery. Ever since I started working in NYC I’ve been horrified by the number of one-use plastic utensils that my co-workers (and the office in general) use at work every day during lunch. I myself had been one of those people, no matter how much it made me cringe - simply because I didn’t want to keep track of a separate fork, knife, and spoon.  I’ve been searching a long time for a product that I could actually commit to using every day and after months of being fully plastic fork-free, I was convinced that this product could encourage people to consider going reusable just like I did. I’m never turning back - and neither should you. Give Flipware a try, help save the environment! Learn more here on Amazon. 

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Over six million tons of single-use plastics get thrown away every year, and a large portion of that number comes from plastic utensils. So what can you do about it? Try keeping our pocket Flipware Utensil in your bag to carry around. If anyone questions why you have a fork in your bag, just tell them you’re doing it to save the planet. Maybe they’ll even be inspired to do the same! I thank you, and more importantly the Earth thanks you.

Don't forget to BYO-utensil!
Danielle <3 



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