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Flipware Utensils Features Overview


Buy The Way has its very own online Amazon store featuring offbeat yet extremely useful products with a socially driven mission. BTW Flipware is essentially the swiss army knife of utensils and our mission with this product is to reduce the use of plastic cutlery. Ever since I started working in the city I’ve been horrified by the number of one-use plastic utensils that my co-workers and the office in general uses at work everyday during lunch. I myself had been one of those people, no matter how much it made me cringe - simply because I didn’t want to keep track of a separate fork, knife and spoon.  I’ve been searching a long time for a product that I could actually commit to using everyday and after months of being fully plastic fork free, I was convinced that this product could encourage people to consider going reusable just like I did. I’m never turning back - and neither should you. Give Flipware a try, help save the environment!



4 IN ONE FULL SIZED UTENSIL - Detachable fork, spoon, knife and bottle opener: a complete all in one dining kit.

KITCHEN QUALITY - Rust free, non-stick utensils made out of durable stainless steel with aluminum handle. The unique design allows you to use the fork in one hand while using the spoon/knife in the other. Easy to clean.

FOLDS DOWN LIKE A POCKET KNIFE - Our Flipware set fits perfectly in an included black nylon carrying case after each use.  Key ring on handle included so you don’t forget it at home!



ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY TRAVEL - Perfect for camping, eating in the office, or traveling with your lunch box. You’ll never need to use flimsy one-use plastic cutlery again.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We’re so confident in the top quality of our products that they all come with a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied, so you’re shopping with us will be worry free!