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oh, BTW Mug

Buy The Way has its very own online Amazon store featuring offbeat yet extremely useful products with a socially driven mission. It was founded by a hot-beverage loving Jersey girl whose commute into NYC had discouraged her from indulging in a taste of home on-the-go. The space that bulky travel mugs took up in her bag once she was finished, was never worth the hassle. Of course, the thought of using a disposable cup everyday briefly crossed her mind - until she realized that 58 billion paper cups are tossed out every year in the United States ALONE. That’s when the perfect travel companion, the BTWmug, came into the picture and solved all of her problems. From then on, she had to share its magic with the world!

Follow us on Instagram @ohbuytheway for more gifs like this!

Follow us on Instagram @ohbuytheway for more gifs like this!

  • Collapsing Your Mug: As demonstrated in the video above, when collapsing your mug be sure to remove the heat sleeve and leave the mouth piece open. Cover the lid with your hand and forcefully press the mug downwards. Once the mug is fully collapsed, insert your heat sleeve (positioned upside down) into the open ring.
    **** please only attempt to collapse your mug when it is empty****


The BTWmug is there when you need it and out of the way when you don’t. It’s the perfect mug for your on-the-go lifestyle, whether you’re traveling, camping, hiking, walking to class, at a sporting event, or just around the office. Fill it up before you leave in the morning, collapse it down the minute you’re finished, and stash it in your bag or pocket until you’re ready to fill it up again. The BTWmug keeps drinks hotter longer than a paper cup, increases the positive impact you have on the environment, and even comes with it's own heat sleeve. It’s fashionable, collapsible, and stash-able because you have no space to waste.

***Oh, BTW - we support a rotating portfolio of charities and nonprofit organizations with every purchase. 


  • HIGH QUALITY REUSABLE MATERIAL: Our mug is made out of 100% food grade silicone. It is certified BPA and phthalate free (FDA approved) so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals. The lid and heat sleeve are made out of of PP.

  • EXTREMELY COMPACT: Once the mug is empty, it folds into less than half of its original size! Say goodbye to those bulky thermoses and empty to-go mugs that take up valuable space in your bag.

  • CONVENIENT FOR ON-THE-GO USE: This mug supports your busy lifestyle by being durable, dishwasher/microwave-safe, leak-proof and reusable for your everyday life.

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY & RECYCLABLE: With each use, you are reducing the waste of countless disposable cups AND reducing your negative environmental impact.

  • THE PERFECT GIFT: Our packaging fits two gifts in one - 5% of the profits from all mugs go to a rotating portfolio of charities and nonprofits, so you can gift well while doing good.

Directions - gently wash with soap and hot water before each use. For additional cleansing, boil mug for 20 minutes out of the box.