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If you’re reading this, you’re probably a friend or family member who has been hearing about me talk about how I’ve been wanting to start this business for the past year - but hiiiiii, I’ve finally done it! My Film & Environmental Studies degree has truly served me well thus far on this journey of entrepreneurship (LOL). This week officially marks the launch of not only this website (which of course is a never-ending work in progress) but also my first Amazon product! Through Amazon’s FBA private label program, I have managed to source my products from the manufacturer directly and customize them to make them my own.

It was important to me to sell a product that makes a positive impact in the world in some way - which is part of what attracted me to make the “oh,BTW” collapsible mug the first product in my store. I hope that more people will be inclined to use fewer disposable cups on their daily commutes since this mug easily folds down to half its size once your drink is finished. I will also be donating a percentage of my profits to a rotating portfolio of non-profits and charities - starting with Flat Rock Brook Nature Center in Englewood, NJ.

My store has officially launched and I would LOVE your support!!!!! The first week is extremely crucial for building up ratings and reviews so that other customers can discover my products and I can sell the 500 mugs that I have in stock! (otherwise, everyone can expect to get mugs for every occasion for the rest of time!) It’s ambitious, but I hope to sell majority of my mugs by the end of the year - so that I can bring you guys the next product I have up my sleeve. 


For more information about the oh,BTW mug peep the “BTW Products” tab as well as our new Instagram @ohbuytheway and Facebook pages.

Danielle Pruitt