Gifts for your Tree-Hugging, Earth-loving Friend

Need some ~G R E E N~ gift inspiration? Here are some gifts that the planet would truly appreciate you gifting, or buying for yourself.




Sun Jar

What can't you get in a mason jar?

Solar Powered Charger

Power outlets are never available when you need them, but the sun is always on (well, during the day at least).

Natural Bamboo Speaker

Who doesn't want to mellow out to the natural wooden handmade sound amplified through this aesthetically pleasing piece of bamboo?

Plastic Free Highlighters

Like colored pencils, but better!

7 year pen

You'll probably only need 14....

Plant Your Pencil 

Pencils that grow into plants when you're done, what will they think of next?!

Humane Mouse trap

These re-useable mousetraps enable you to release your furry friend back outside without any cruel or unusual punishment involved.

The Laundry Alternative

You'll get a wash & workout all in one 

Liquid Plastic Welder

You'd be surprised at how often this will actually come in handy. Think about all of the iphone cords that will be saved!

Metal Straws

low key (but high key), metal straws make every drink taste better. Maybe it's the taste of helping out mother earth?

re-useable paper towels

For anyone who yells at you for taking more than a half of paper towl at a time (like me), these are an amazing stocking stuffer.

French Press

Coffee lovers rave over how superior french press coffee is & environmentalists love that there's no UNNECESSARY waste (like from coffee filters  + K-cups). It's a win-win

To-Go Bamboo Utensils 

40 billion plastic UTENSILS are used in the united states every year, these are important

Cloth Snack Bag

Wouldn't you rather rock a cute and fun snack bag than a one-use boring and clear plastic one that's horrible for the environment? 

Eco-Beauty Brush Travel Set 

It's about time that eco-beauty was trendy.

tea diffuser stick

Real tea lovers know that the best tea isn't confined in a bag. This reuseable stainless steel strainer has the perfect shape to be used in any container

the Omnivore's dilemma

essential reading for anyone who cares about food.

Danielle Pruitt