BTW, What is Buy The Way?

Buy The Way is an eco-friendly focused lifestyle media and e-commerce company focused on inspiring others to live their best lives, while maintaining a passion for making the world a better place. The name “Buy The Way” is a testament to the idea that everyone should purchase and invest in things according to their values.

BTW was created out of my desire to share information, experiences, positive vibes and to ultimately uplift the farthest reaches of the interwebz. Most importantly, I can’t wait connect and learn from the community that this site attracts. While it’s currently under construction - you’ll soon find resources from starting your own business to improving  your self care routine to affordable travel itineraries, all under an environmentally friendly lens.

Buy The Way is also an online Amazon store featuring offbeat yet extremely useful eco-friendly products with a socially driven mission. Our first product is an eco-friendly collapsible mug to encourage people to drink more from re-usable containers instead of wasteful one use plastic or paper ones, which are terrible for the environment. 

I'm excited to announce the launch of my second product, BTW Flipware! Think - swiss army knife kit for utensils. I hope that our 4-in-1 dining kit encourages less use of one-use plastic cutlery, especially in office spaces where this type of waste can often be the highest. Check them out!

 TL;DR - My name’s Danielle, I dream big, fail often and can’t wait for you to join me on this adventure.